The hall waiting chair

by:OUHE     2020-07-10
The classification of the waiting hall chair: bank waiting chair, recreational chair, all kinds of business hall consulting waiting chair, hospital waiting chair, reception chairs, etc. Hall waiting chair of the common specifications: armrest, feet and legs: deep drawing steel moulds, electrostatic spraying after cleaning process. Plate: 1. 8 mm thick imported cold plate, to rust after electrostatic powder spraying. At the bottom of the beams: 3 mm thick 50 mm * 50 mm steel pipe. Hall waiting chair common size: a person who: 800 mm * 750 mm * 620 mm; Two people: 800 mm * 750 mm * 1180 mm; Three people: 800 mm * 750 mm * 1760 mm; Four people: 800 mm * 750 mm * 2330 mm; The hall waiting chair high-definition effect:
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