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The knowledge about airport chair

The knowledge about airport chair


The airport chair refers to a chair used in indoor public places, consisting of beams, armrests, standing feet, seat plates, and screw accessories.

According to the material classification: aluminium alloy airport chair, stainless steel airport chair, iron airport chair, review material airport chair, Jiapi airport chair, wooden airport chair, etc.

PU can disinfect and wash the medical infusion chair, waiting chair; the correct solution of the hospital chair. Polyurethane is a general term for polymers with urethane binding groups. Commonly known as PU. It is formed by the combined reaction of isocyanate groups and compounds with active hydrogen such as hydroxyl groups. Polyurethane has the elasticity of rubber, the strength of plastic, and excellent processing performance. It has other advantages that other synthetic materials can't match in terms of heat insulation, sound insulation, wear resistance, oil resistance, elasticity, etc. It is followed by polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, The sixth-largest plastic after polystyrene and ABS is widely used in defence, aviation, light industry, automobile, medical, station, airport, seat and other fields. PU airport chair PU advantages: 1. Good human contact. 2. Not conducive to the reproduction of bacteria, to prevent secondary infections 3. Excellent surface properties, you can choose to use disinfectant water to clean. 4. The service life is extremely long, far exceeding other materials.

Detailed advantages of high-quality PU airport chairs is polyurethane, commonly known as polyurethane, PU has the following advantages:

1. Ozone resistance, aging resistance, mold resistance, temperature resistance and resistance to twists and turns;

2.Oil resistance: Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of strong polymer compound, and it has little affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and it is almost not eroded in fuel oil and engine oil;

3. Radiation resistance: Polyurethane's resistance to high-energy radiation is very good, and it still has satisfactory performance indicators at high radiation doses;

4. Under the same strength, it has higher bearing capacity than other polyurethane elastomers and can be made into flame retardant grade materials

6. The characteristics of good flexibility and high compressive strength, and it also has the air permeability of the PC;

7. With excellent hydrolysis durability

How should the PU airport chair be clean?

First of all, we need to understand the basic composition of the material of the PU airport chair: it is mainly formed by the polymerization of cyanate esters and hydroxyl compounds. PU contains strong polar urethane groups, is insoluble in non-polar genes, and has good oil resistance. , Toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance and adhesion performance, etc., different raw material ratios can produce products with different temperatures and different hardness. Common PU airport chair cleaning methods: 1, clean with water or detergent, avoid gasoline scrubbing. 2. Choose to use a rag, and the washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. 3. Sun exposure must be avoided. 4. Do not touch some organic solvents

We all know that different styles of airport chairs have different installation methods, but many are universal. Unless it is a special style, the installation method is more difficult and requires a certain amount of technical content. Common installation technique: first put the backboard on the ground. Arranged neatly, the ground needs to be laid with burlap or cardboard boxes to avoid scratching rows of chairs. Then correspond to the hole position of the seat back plate, match the rail to the hole position, and then install the screws. It is best to install the armrest legs, the corresponding screw holes are installed, and just tighten it. After that, hold the row of chairs well and adjust it.
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