The maintenance of the dermal cinema chair, theater seating

by:OUHE     2020-06-15
Dermal cinema chair, theater seating maintenance: leather feature: moisture, ventilation function, often used for senior VIP cinema chair, sofa, theater seating, etc. Characteristics: is not easy to fade after dyeing, elegant color, excellent touch, beautiful appearance. General common method: as long as with a clean soft cloth gently wipe the leather can, also can use neuter cleaner is wiped, but please do not forcibly knead, so as not to damage the leather and cause not durable. If maintenance is a long-term use of dirt, is the most ideal way of cleaning up use only a small amount of neutral detergent when diluted with warm water first, again with dry clean duster cloth wipe clean fluid, with dry cloth to polish finally, to be completely dry before using the right amount of uniform leather care agent to wipe, until the surface is bright as new.
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