The maintenance of the XiPi airport chair

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
XiPi airport chair cushion of cleaning and maintenance methods: regular cleaning: 1, first with a clean soft cloth dust net 2, then use soft than 10 soap and water or 1 than 20 solution soak dry after shampoo, gently wipe the stains, such as the stain is overweight, can be repeated several times. How to remove special loot? 1. Remove plastic material ( Such as chewing gum) After cooling: can use ice packs, ice water, then use fine silken cloth to wipe off gently. 2. Removal of ball-point pen, ink traces: can choose a soft eraser, to prevent discoloration, can be in in a stain to drop a few drops of water. Must not use the use of alcohol and corrosive chemical solutions. After cleaning leather can use leather care agent out of date or embellish skin oil for maintenance.
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