The meeting seating auditorium seating common installation methods

by:OUHE     2020-05-29
Conference seating auditorium seating 6 steps, common installation methods for reference only, specific please according to the installation drawing the corresponding reference. 1, install the cushion: use the M6 * 25 mm and M8 * 20 mm screw put the cushion in the middle of the two arms. 2, install the aluminum and plate: using M8 * 20 mm screw the aluminum bracket is installed on the right hand box nailing plastic nail, then insert two rotary frame's guard. 3, installation: (writing board and armrest 1) Right hand box: use the M6 * 25 mm screw in the moon, and then use the M4 * 10 mm flat head screws of the uterus moon board and writing board, and then use the M4 * 10 mm countersunk head tapping installation armrest in the hinge. ( 2) The left armrest, with 35 mm screws M6 * hole (after the armrest Don't be too tight, but as far as possible little clearance) And then put the M6 * 350 mm steel bar fixed in front of the armrest hole and through the box, under the help box with M6 nut. 4, install back link iron and back: the back with M6 * 14 mm screw link chute fixed in two box of a specific location, and then use the M5 * 25 mm screw on the back of a chair. 5, install back molded case: with 25 mm and 5 * 5 * 55 mm tapping screw put plastic shell on the back of a chair, and then cover the cap, ( The above two: 5 * 25 mm below 2 star: 5 * 55 mm) 6, finishing product size, fastening screws installing anchors and fixed on the ground: measuring the size of the products and finishing, to test whether all the screw fastening, with the expansion of the M8 * 55 mm screw feet of the chair cover and fixed on the ground, then cover the cap
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