The mystery of the gate is the airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
In the airport terminal, the airport chair is the most centralized place for its gate area. Before the plane take off, passengers will choose in the boarding gate outside the airport chair to pass the time. Feedback according to passengers, first of all they want is a gate of clear, the environment pleasant and comfortable seats. Airport chair is not usually affects the satisfaction of passengers, compared with the area of the high proportion of the chair, airport chair insufficient regional passenger satisfaction is relatively low. Usually, near the gate of the airport chair are kept neatly lined with mostly, and the other side of the airport chair there is a certain distance, in fact, such arrangement and design are not meaningless, they are designed according to the needs of passengers. Because such a design, can avoid the passengers uncapped to create your own & other; Personal space & throughout; 。 Between the airport chair metal armrest for passengers to lay in two chairs at random, the departure area as their resting places. At home, many large and medium-sized airport has a variety of airport chair, they are themselves in addition to beautify the space at the airport, also provides unlimited dwelling space for passengers, reduce the pressure from the airport because of the daily traffic. Airport chair, as it were, like cleanliness, operational efficiency and high quality service, has the right number of comfortable chair was the key to provide passengers satisfaction factors, airport chair system can help you to the airport into a passenger expect to experience again.
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