The parameters of the auditorium seating, technical requirements

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
The parameters of the auditorium seating, technical requirements: 1. The auditorium seating common size: height of 980 mm, 460 mm high, armrest height of 620 mm, the whole chair depth of 510 mm, 450 mm deep, the width of 490 mm, width of the chair ( In the) 570 mm, front row spacing & ge; 900 mm。 2. Max: cushion under 150 ㎏, inherit the biggest impact 100 ㎏, the back of the chair armrest Max 200 ㎏, Max 80 ㎏ tablet aluminum word. 3. Sponge quality; High resilience PU foam sponge + steel one molding. Chair for 45 ㎏ / ㎡ cold foam polyurethane type, back of a chair is 40 ㎏ / ㎡ cold foam polyurethane finalize the design. 4. Sponge shoe senior ma velvet fabrics, not wrinkle, not to take off, wear-resisting, anti-fouling not fade. 5. 座背 shell for quality hardwood laminated stick wood extrusion molding, and anti-aging corrosion resistant pp material, forming plate surface with high environmental polyester paint, the thickness of the back of a chair is not lower than 18 mm, a bottom board thickness is not less than 12 mm, with sound-absorbing design, ensure that the venue or cinema at different levels, different angles, different attendance suction volume is consistent. 6. Armrest high-grade solid wood for the production of refined surface coating with high environmental polyester paint. ( Walnut color, acid branch color, ju wood color) 7. Armrest box is an organic whole repeatedly with the foot frame welding, armrest with 137 * 1. 7 grade a strip cold punching forming, the foot for rectangular tube, anchor for strip cold punching forming, surface electrostatic pensu processing. 8, cushion response function; Turn up is to use slow rebound damping cushion design and spring torsion design two kinds, the slow rebound damping design can function to reset the cushions are accurate, zero noise.
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