The park seating advantages of all kinds of material

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
The advantages of a seating, metal park: 1. Metal material, durable and not easily broken; 2. Electrostatic powder spraying process, double rust, paint color durable; 3. Refractory, high and low temperature resistance, can be resistant to bad climate condition; 4. Strong suitability to meet customer on modelling, color, a variety of changes in demand; 5. Both inside and outside is bright and clean, easy to clean, do not remain dirt. Well-made, attention to detail, no Swiss, does not hurt the hand; 6. Indoor seating at the bottom of the metal park generally has a floor mat, prevent from scratching the ground; 7. Outdoor seating at the bottom of the metal park generally set above ground installation device, easy to connect with the ground, anti-theft security; Second, steel-wood park seating advantages: 1. High density log, the material is hard, not easy to damage, warping deformation; Wood preservation decay resistance, the surface has a multilayer protection, durable; 2. Smooth surface, no burrs, prevent snagged clothing; 3. Wood color, natural and beautiful, suitable for roads, landscaping and various public recreational area; 4. Double metal surface rust process, not easy peeling off paint, strong and durable; Seat edges are rounded design, the use of safety; 5. Designed and developed based on the characteristics of Chinese height, accord with human body engineering. 6. Outdoor optional ground installation, anti-theft security; Three, the advantages of plastic park seating: 1. Plastic decorative wood has a slow combustion, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion properties; 2. Scrap recycling plastic, wood, accord with environmental protection standards; Beautiful and easy, colour and lustre is uniform, suit to put in the botanical garden green space; 3. Steel double horse surface rust, not easy to take off the lacquer and fade; 4. Heavy cast iron horse, strong and durable; Aluminum tripod, without having to worry about rust corrosion; 5. Can be connected and fixed ground, anti-theft security;
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