The principle of room furniture design

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
In today's talent economy era of intense competition, modern people is the key of the development of achievements of enterprise. A room without attracting talent office furniture design and layout, only room with the furniture together, and they can better play to their advantages and features, to create a comfortable, efficient environment.
have enterprise to make investigation and analysis, the results show that this age people will need more concise, efficient, convenient and flexible space and furniture products, both the environment and products, can be very convenient for free combination. Because the present era, it is an era of team work, team combination change constantly, therefore, to furniture combination of flexibility and more demanding.

_ modern general manager room furniture desk

the modern furniture design is based on human demand and the development of The Times change, summed up the three basic principles.
· Applicability to
the elements of modern to pursue freedom and individuality, and follow one's inclinations is an important characteristic of modern younger generation. So the applicability of the furniture in the design of convenient will emphasize flexible combination, as far as possible to meet the use of multiple space, let a space have more freedom of personalized, according to the need to move freely change the combination and collocation.
the design point, is the modern demand for ideas, inspiration, higher applicability furniture can let employees change location, play a strong inspiration, at the same time, improve work enthusiasm. Whether it is a conference room, tea room, trainer or negotiation room, flexible furniture always can save more cost for the enterprise.

· Ergonomic
modern furniture comfortable and healthy, so when the design will be combined into the human body engineering, such as is suitable for the desktop, close to human body height adjustable chair, table size, etc. , are based on the human body engineering, design, and can let a person with comfortable and relaxed posture, security work of the physical and mental health, and improve the work efficiency.

· Simple and easy to use the
too complex functional design is not only cost increase, but also causes is not convenient to use, installation time consuming, so simple and convenient and the main points of the modern office furniture design.
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