The station waiting chair three people a standard length?

by:OUHE     2020-06-09
Station waiting chair is not how many people you want to install a fixed seat, all is the design according to the waiting area, plan to choose a different size, has been to maximize efficiency, maximize capacity, etc. , in does not affect beautiful, can mix the station elements, choose a different style to match the station. Common three dimensions: made of different materials are for reference only, specific design, please contact the business. PU material: SJ9061: three bits, 1760 mm ( L) *740mm( W) * 850毫米( H) ; Material: aluminum alloy SJ900: three people: 1900 mm ( L) * 720mm( W) * 810毫米( H) ; Material: stainless steel S608: three people: 1750 mm ( L) * 680毫米( W) * 780毫米( H) ; Steel is qualitative: SJ708C: three bits, 1750 mm ( L) * 680毫米( W) * 780毫米( H) ;
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