The structure and principles of infusion seating, transfusion chair is what?

by:OUHE     2020-06-07
Infusion seating, transfusion chair the structure of the three principles: 1. Daily life transfusion chair, a single bit or three fixed seating. It's taking up space, but also lead to sit up not convenient. So packaged infusion of chair is more convenient, in all parts of the cohesion between fastening, unified the socket head screw, comprehensive guarantee the safety of transfusion. 2. Science by using the principle of the man-machine engineering mechanics at the same time, the radian of design conforms to the people back to patients in the long infusion process would not be so tired. Plus the handrail design into real wood armrest, and finalize the sponge and leather cushion, so it is more comfortable and convenient. 3. Infusion seating will choose green non-toxic materials, metal parts should be made the effect of smooth, without barb, won't cause scratches on the patients. For transfusion chair is suitable for the hospital, when the cleaning is generally use disinfectant for cleaning, so when select material must have high corrosion, and cleaner is convenient to clean up at work, get effective effect. Of course, transfusion chair has been beyond its own, generally called it & other Infusion of sofa & throughout; 。 This is the biggest characteristic, transfusion chair can be adjusted height, maximum make patients feel comfortable. People-oriented, human services. Infusion seating manufacturers to develop, design, production, sales and service into one. Development, design and modern style, the human body engineering mechanics. All the people-oriented, meet the needs of the consumers, will in future design more good quality low prices is more convenient and comfortable transfusion chair to serve people.
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