The structure of the airport chair seat design requirements

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
Seat in accordance with the principle of human body engineering design and manufacturing. Each seat design becomes independent of three-dimensional curve structure, fully considering the passenger seat sit design in to sit down and start convenient and comfortable. Seat/seat row of non-metallic structure as a whole. Seat/seat row rely on chair leg and self-respect can steadily support on the ground, without fixed connection with the ground, at the same time guarantee the seat row by the thrust of collision and passenger mobile location. At the bottom of the chair leg must be accompanied by strong rubber cushion, in case of damage to the ground. Seat/seat row assembled flexible and convenient. Modular structure for seats, luggage racks, handrail, etc all can choose to install in the corresponding position. The consideration on the structure and material selection of convenient and clean. Rule out the possibility that have accumulated debris on the structure design. Easier for cleaning surfaces of all artifacts, and tolerated ordinary cleaner. The surface can be or ordinary cleaner clean with clear water. Parts has the versatility and interchangeability, easy to repair replacement. Fully considering the parts of standardization, generalization, decrease as far as possible of the specifications of the accessories. Modular structure, to ensure that any damage to components can easily be replaced at the scene. Plate and the back can easily remove the replacement repair at the scene. Seat adopts screw fasteners connection between components, welding will not be used, without welds. The surface is smooth seat as a whole. All corner parts with arc structure or chamfering shape structure, no acute Angle. Seats are fully open structure, make passengers small items not easily concealed.
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