The subway runs through how colorful life?

by:OUHE     2020-07-11
Subway runs through countless first case successfully proved: a city to have a subway, city quickly to shorten the distance between each area, developed a series of industry rely on subway followed the rise of urban expansion, city value soared. The subway has become a city signs and symbols of internationalization. Is the soul of the construction of subway culture reflects the urban civilization, urban culture is the source of the subway culture is the basis of the construction of subway culture, every place has their own culture, each city's development is inseparable from its cultural construction, lost the profoundness of culture connotation and characteristics of cities will also lose itself. The city's subway is also the history of the development of city, it contains the culture of the city, reflect the regional and urban features of a city. The development of the subway culture is city of regional culture as the starting point, let's take a look at the past a small fishing village & ndash; — Shenzhen, now has become a remarkable modernized city, along the east coasts of our country is a beautiful city full of vigor and vitality, its subway station is? This is the shenzhen subway line 7:7 line in the station set up various forms of culture and art wall, enrich the artistic atmosphere of shenzhen metro station, show the modern metropolis of shenzhen cultural and artistic level. Line 7 whole adornment decorates a style to & other; The Chinese dream & ndash; Colorful life dreams & throughout; As the theme, on the site surrounding area cultural attribute, with unique station artistic shaping technique, shows the unique temperament of each station space. It USES the seating is the aluminum alloy seating, take a look at is its material description: 1. Chair leg material: aluminum alloy castings. 2. Bearing connection beam material: high strength aluminum alloy profile 3. Armrest: supporting provide each seat aluminum armrest, railings installation should not affect the width of the seat space. In the design of the structure of the seat and seat spacing, shall meet the requirements of the interval in each seat installation armrest. 4. Process: seat metal parts surface, In addition to the stainless steel plate) Adopt wear-resisting of electrostatic epoxy powder coating. Uniform coating is bright and clean, strong adhesion, without the pinhole, foaming, wrinkling, cracking and other defects. 5. Seat and back of the chair material: high quality stainless steel plate. Structure: the chair seat and back of the chair is integral, the use of continuous molding by a stainless steel plate as a whole, without any acute Angle. Chair backrest and is equipped with air holes. The number of air holes do not affect the strength of the chair seat and back of the chair and load-bearing capacity. Backboard adopts curve modelling, increase comfort. Seat size seat width: 560 & plusmn; 20 seats total depth: 680 & plusmn; Seat height: 420 + 20 seats total height: 780 & plusmn; 20
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