The surface of the aluminum alloy airport chair parts corrosion is introduced ( 2)

by:OUHE     2020-06-03
Aluminum alloy airport chairs, aluminum waiting chair parts surface anti-corrosion: aluminum alloy corrosion resistant ability is not strong, easy to stain. Therefore, usually want to undertake special oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy parts, so that we can be good, such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance performance of artificial membrane. General can be divided into: the anode oxidation, chemical oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, laser oxidation method, rare earth conversion coating method. Today to introduce: chemical oxidation method: is through the chemical reaction in surface layer thickness is about 0. 5 - 4μ M, has a good adsorption of thin film layer of porous oxide film, can be used as the bottom layer of organic coating. Chemical oxidation features: easy to operate, simple equipment, low cost, high efficiency and more applied in the electrochemical treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloy products are not suitable for parts. Common oxidation methods: respectively is alkaline chromate oxidation, chromate oxidation, phosphate - Chromate oxidation method. Due to the chemical oxidation method. Due to the chemical oxidation method to form the membrane performance is poor, thin oxide film, and six prices have serious harm to the environment and the human body, its application in recent years has been gradually restricted, so or widely use in industry.
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