The surface of the aluminum alloy airport chair parts corrosion is introduced ( 4)

by:OUHE     2020-05-19
Aluminum alloy airport chairs, aluminum waiting chair parts surface anti-corrosion: aluminum alloy corrosion resistant ability is not strong, easy to stain. Therefore, usually want to undertake special oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy parts, so that we can be good, such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance performance of artificial membrane. General can be divided into: the anode oxidation, chemical oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, laser oxidation method, rare earth conversion coating method. Introduce today: oxidation: laser oxidation method is in high energy beam under the action of the alloy powder or ceramic powders and the collective surface heating and melting quickly, after natural cooling of a light beam without affecting the nature of the substrate surface, can reduce costs and save material. Laser oxidation weakness: the interface is easy to form cracks, practical application on the matrix of complex shape allows for dimensional accuracy, coating, surface roughness etc. Problem difficult to solve. Rare earth conversion coating method: this method is popular in the mid - 1980 - s, until today, there are many research institutions and individuals for the application of rare earth elements in aluminum alloy conversion coating to do a lot of research and reports in a wide range of rare earth compound, the current research is more is soluble salts of cerium. Rare earth conversion coating process is simple, the advantages of low production cost. Faults: rare earth salt solution to soak for a long time, and need to be in high temperature, long process.
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