The surface of the aluminum alloy airport chair parts corrosion protection is introduced

by:OUHE     2020-06-03
Aluminum alloy airport chairs, aluminum waiting chair parts surface anti-corrosion: aluminum alloy corrosion resistant ability is not strong, easy to stain. Therefore, usually want to undertake special oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy parts, so that we can be good, such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance performance of artificial membrane. General can be divided into: the anode oxidation, chemical oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, laser oxidation method, rare earth conversion coating method. Today to introduce: anodic oxidation method: is the anolyte materials, aluminum alloy products of anode for aluminum plate as materials, electricity, after electrify, products in the production of a layer of oxide film on the surface process, after anodic oxidation, aluminum alloy surface can be production of a few microns to a few hundred microns thick oxide film. The surface of the oxide film for porous honeycomb, the film has a double layer structure, namely the connected directly with the aluminum alloy surface, thin barrier layer and porous oxide film surface layer. Anodic oxidation method shortcomings: because of coating layer adsorption, high cost and poor impact resistance is not ideal, the less used in industrial production.
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