The surface of the aluminum alloy parts - coating processing The thermal spraying process

by:OUHE     2020-06-02
Aluminum alloy airport chairs, aluminum alloy parts surface coating processing method - waiting chair Thermal spraying process it in some form of heat source to heat spraying materials, the heated material forming molten or partially molten state of particles, the particles at a certain speed impact and deposition in the basic on the surface, formation has certain characteristics of the spraying layer, for aluminum alloy coating on the surface of the parts processing, thermal spraying method makes a more mature and effective method of surface treatment. Thermal spraying technology method to make a more mature and effective method of surface treatment. The advantages of thermal spraying technology: portable equipment, site construction, flexible process, operating procedures, can be quick fixes, reduce processing time; Coating thickness can be controlled, etc. The thermal spraying material according to the material properties can be divided into metal and alloys, ceramics, organic polymer materials, composite materials, etc. Spraying process mainly includes the flame spraying and plasma spraying, the low pressure plasma spraying, water stable plasma spraying, etc. Because of thermal spraying technology can spray a variety of metals and alloys, ceramics, plastics, and non-metallic most solid engineering material, therefore can made have the function that all sorts of performance coatings, and the construction of the flexible, adaptable, but means the thermal spraying coating on the adhesion strength of the substrate is lower, the coating porosity is much, also need to be further improved. At post-treatment formed by thermal spray coating technology, such as laser cladding, sealing, hot pressing, anodized can further improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy after spraying.
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