The theater seating design in the cinema location should be how to choose?

by:OUHE     2020-06-16
Movie theater seating design in the cinema location selection essence: the principle of the human form to engineering, is set in the spring of the internal with S shape, as well as bring comfortable to sit sense between the seat of the chair, her head, and the curve of the accord with human body. Not only beautiful, and innovative design make the audience under the condition of relatively dark, can easily find the location of the fluorescence,. Steel structure frame is used as the back of a chair of the main support, implements the cloth, metal frame and the close together union of polyurethane foam, let 座背 more long service life, it is not easy to deformation, resilience, can achieve good removal. In addition, the use of advanced polypropylene injection molding technology, the application of this technology in the electrical cinema seats of mulberry, for sound absorption play a coordinating role. Cinema seats are all very familiar with, especially in view of the young people love the pursuit of life quality, leisure time, go to the cinema to see a movie theater seats is indispensable. For film buffs, early to choose good seat, is the important thing. Actually choose the location of the cinema seats, mainly to see the most is the size of the screen. Since the size of the screen is an important factor that affects the experience shop. In general, the current domestic theaters, in addition to the rooms, theaters in public, mainly small and medium-sized screen screen is generally adopted. In view of the moderate size of screen, select the cinema seat to be in the middle of the third and fourth row position, to get more comfortable experience. If it is for large screen, in particular, with a variety of special effects, such as 3 d effect, can be more on some position. A large-format class for one to three rows, large-format class to within five rows of seats, so we can feel the experience of the 3 d effect.
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