The venue of the multimedia classroom seating requirements

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
Common multimedia classroom seating space requirements: 1, schools with multimedia classroom seating and amphitheatre seating installation requirements for flat ground the classroom ( Fewer, less seating) , have the amphitheatre ( Suitable for most of the site requirements) , can be customized according to the different crowd appropriate classroom seating products. 2, a ladder classroom seating area, step height suggest up to 12 cm, to 10 cm for best, tablet ladder depth minimum 900 mm is preferred, stationary tablet ladder depth minimum 950 mm is better, according to the actual field size and classroom corridor can plan, each row of chairs and tables row number, it is better not exceed 10 convenient student pass. 3, multimedia devices, and the first row distance suggested - 2500 mm 3000 mm between, ordinary blackboard to the first row of desktop suggest keep school field to more than 3000 mm is preferred. Students in the classroom seating advice fixed stand feet, strong stability, not easy to damage. Activity feet can change at any time according to the needs of field, in order to achieve the best site needs. 4, the best solution proposal: part of the classroom seating to do slow return, reduce noise! Seat back fire prevention board, activity type tablet is easy to fold. Arc degrees or special field should be according to the specific situation of site planning, design, for enquiry our company design staff, ensure the high quality engineering plan!
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