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The venue of the theater seating, theater seating requirements

by:OUHE     2020-07-05
Requirements: (theater seating, theater seating of the site A new theater seat surface within 650 mm, B theater seat surface unfolding within 780 mm) 1, theater seats proposed site set up the ladder, my company A, cinema ladder depth in each row to ensure above 1000 mm, cinema ladder depth recommendation 1200 mm - B model 1250 mm above my company great big cinemas do more to ensure the best viewing effect. Adjustable seat depth to ensure that in more than 1250 mm. We suggest step height 350 mm is preferred, ladder if less than 200 mm dislocation for installation, does not affect the back. As for the venue is not in conformity with the standards, I company refuses to accept any responsibility. 2, each near-end corridor of unilateral number in each row should be not more than 12 to be beautiful, have corridor on both sides of each row number should not exceed 20 is preferred. 3, lovers seat ladder depth guarantee above 1350 mm is better, to put a movie without affecting the personnel, and each near-end suggestion in the last row put a couple seats. VIP sofa cinema suggest ladder depth in mm - 1800 2300 mm is better, guarantee the electric sofa scale easily. 4, theater chair in the first row and the distance from the screen, it is better at least stay above 3000 mm each locations equipped with at least two door to ensure that the personnel flow, class A theater chair A corridor, width stay above 1000 mm for beautiful, class B theater chair ensure one to two corridor, each aisle not less than 1200 mm wide degree is preferred. Lateral aisle, the back is unfavorable exceed 10 rows is preferred. 5 evenly, advice, cement floor, thickness of not less than five centimeters, can guarantee the stability of the seat or use the steel structure on the ground. Theater seating, common design: (theater seating area Photo network) :
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