Theater chair specifications, the size is introduced

by:OUHE     2020-07-05
Theater chair can also be referred to as the auditorium chair, theater chair, conference chair, seating, etc. Application places: theater chair hall, auditorium, large meeting rooms, cinemas and theatres. Theater chair accessories: back/foam: high density P. U, cold solid foam molding. Back/plating: select high-quality PP ( Polypropylene) Multielement composite material by injection molding. Fabric: senior special cloth, wear-resisting, prevent fading. Stand feet: choose high quality steel plate by stamping welding forming, polished, derusting, phosphating, electrostatic powder spraying, high pressure furnace working procedures. Armrest: armrest cover is made of PP material after mold injection molding, a shaft selects high quality steel plate stamping welding forming, armrest crossover vehicle body, which can be recycled to the back of a chair around, more translating from space. Leans back institutions: new spring device, adjustable comfort & 10 deg. ~12° 。 Lateral plate: high grade PP hollow blow molding. Reply: damping or gravity. Theater chair size description: the distance between the two legs: 580 - 600 mm height: 1100 mm distance between the two chairs: 1000 mm seat to the back of a chair armrest width: 580 mm seat plate width: 465 mm seat height: 440 mm in the height of the handrail to the ground: 610 mm
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