To be bestowed favor on newly leisure sofa, creating interesting space

by:OUHE     2021-01-23
Creative and fun leisure sofa, good fun and comfortable, is the soul of modern staff rest area of furniture. Modern cultural tendency to human freedom in the staff rest area reasonably put leisure furniture with fun, creative, more able to rest easy atmosphere foil out, through the creative design and the color of furniture, drive, whole space more show vigor and vitality, is advantageous to the enterprise will create a harmonious, pleasant atmosphere, promote among employees, between enterprise and friendship connection.
as a staff favorite places, rest area is the enterprise to the welfare of the employees, every detail can reflect the enterprise culture, as well as the field performance of the enterprise for human nature and human feelings. So, in the furniture market, what is worthy of reference and purchase leisure sofa seat?
· Floor lounge chair
floor lounge chair is a kind of relatively low, a recreational sofa chair close to the ground. Simple line design, the use of irregular line as inspiration, designed a ergonomic leisure chairs. S chair, like sofa fabric gives a person the feeling of comfortable, back of the chair has a slightly concave radian, cushion position tilted slightly to the right, when people sit down is a natural by sitting posture. Calf height is a little short of designing high chair, can let a person more comfortable rest on sat.

company staff rest area furniture _ recreational sofa seat

& middot; Bubble sofa
the bubble is a typical floor sofa sofa. Sofa looks like a small bubble spell group, consisting of a rounded lovely elastic, as sofa in the rest area, to be able to add more leisure gentle breath to space. Bubble sofas lovely innovation design and bold and bright colors, must be presented nowadays young people like the rest of the environment, young energetic sunshine.

company staff rest area sofa
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