To the new theater chair maintenance way, you don't see one eye?

by:OUHE     2020-06-28
Many cinemas and large acting sites use theater chair do rise tend to be quite tedious, what method can we both don't need too much time to management? So we need to do regular maintenance. Theater chair maintenance method/procedure is as follows: 1. Different fabrics theater chair also have different maintenance methods. When different fabrics theater chair covered by dust, flap can use a vacuum cleaner or cleaning. When they covered by particles, can use a soft brush. If exposed to drink the classes in water material, can use towel to absorb, neutral detergent wipe gently with warm water, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. It can dry at low temperature. 2. If it is leather chair, with a soft dry cloth to wipe. Don't let the chemical material such as oil or alcohol diluent fall in theater chair, otherwise it will lead to the shape of the theater chair and leather. Use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water first 1% - 3%) Distortion is wiped, reoccupy clear water must cover cloth to wipe clean, finally with dry cloth to wipe, make its natural drying. After dry, apply proper amount of leather and maintenance agent, even wipe. 3. Coating on the surface of the theater chair not only have the effect of surface decoration and beautification furniture, more important is protect theater on the surface of the chair. Therefore, coating on the surface of the theater chair should be regular cleaning, polishing and usually once every three months. First of all, with a soft towel wipe away the dust and dirt on the surface of the theater chair. Surface is a bit dry, chair surface should be clean by residents. Wax and liquid wax wiped gently theater chair surface polishing. 4. For wood, clean and relatively simple, can use soft wet cloth. Only in the process of normal use, people should pay attention to remind people, avoid beverages, chemicals or overheating items placed on the surface, so as not to disrupt the natural color on the surface of the wood. At the same time, in order not to damage the surface of the wood natural luster, leather should be absorbed by the strong, and pay attention to the antifouling, excitant detergents should not be used. 5. The surface treatment of aluminum alloy can be divided into four kinds of plating, polishing and painting processing. Surface treatment by electroplating, anode and paint processing, maintenance is relatively simple, usually with cleaner can wipe with a sponge cloth. The latter through polishing processing, easy oxidation, cleaner available dishcloth during maintenance. In the event of oxidation, can use aluminum alloy special maintain article once every quarter to wipe. Chrome plated materials chromium plating maintenance is very simple. Detergent is a cloth to wipe to keep light. 6. Vacuum cleaner can be used to clean between the surface of the back of a chair, armrest and seat clearance of debris. But in the use of a vacuum cleaner, do not use dust brush, to prevent the destruction of the fabric on the fabric, the fabric fluffy, also want to avoid using too much of suction pump, this can lead to yarn faults, can consider to use small vacuum cleaner to clean. 7. When a seat, if there is abnormal sound, can pass around the shaft contact or spring spraying lubricant to eliminate the abnormal sound.
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