Transfusion chair 6 maintenance method

by:OUHE     2020-06-07
Transfusion chair 6 maintenance methods: 1. Removed as soon as possible to protect bags: new transfusion chair will be protected by plastic bags, when installed, transfusion chair is no problem, to dismantle the plastic as soon as possible, avoid affecting transfusion chair leather cushion gas permeability. Removed to be careful, don't broken seat. 2. Infusion frame of the lacquer that bake to fill: transfusion chair in the process of long-term use, hard to avoid can and lead to the architecture of the lacquer that bake of transfusion chair fell, then should be dealt with sand off paint, reoccupy hand paint fill the good, to avoid transfusion chair frame to oxidize. 3. Regularly wipe transfusion chair leather cushion: if transfusion chair for a long time use, that is about to on a regular basis to adapt to the professional leather soft cleaner to wipe the seat, because transfusion chair leather cushion and a person's skin contact, often a lot of grease on, must be timely brush a brush, or sit in the long run, such as that would wipe out the same. In clean wait don't use hair dryer to dry the leather quickly, to be dry naturally. 4. Often give transfusion chair dust: a lot of people ignored the dust removal, transfusion chair seat actually also want to often aspiration, or touch dirt, with a long time will affect the air permeability of leather, especially will seep into the exhaust air. So often should use cleaner absorb a five seats. Avoid transfusion chair near the heat source: in common should pay attention to keep seats away from heat source, recent not less than 10 cm, to avoid leather dry heat. Especially in scrubbing the leather seats, don't use hair dryer blowing straight, it's so hurt the seat. 6. Avoid sun exposure transfusion chair: the location of transfusion chair, do not have direct sunlight, transfusion chair plastic spraying paint and leather cushion by the sun can accelerate the oxidation, which would reduce the service life of transfusion chair!
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