Transfusion chair and a little chair is the same?

by:OUHE     2020-06-07
Infusion for patients when seat called transfusion chair, also called a little chair, the main purpose is to give the patient infusion. Commonly used in the early stages of the incomplete hospital furniture very easy chairs or sofa, its quality, safety and practicality are all very poor. Transfusion chair: the basic component of infusion derrick, plate, leather cushion, hold hands, beams and spare parts. The common transfusion chair on the market: the plastic, solid wood, sponge, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron. The infusion of guide bar materials are divided into: stainless steel or iron. And our transfusion chair is usually packaged, therefore between various parts should join fastening, generally USES the socket head screw, comprehensive ensure transfusion safety. And because of its special hospital environment, transfusion chair metal parts should be able to use detergent to clean for many times, high anticorrosive, stainless steel seat feet longer service life, is generally 7 - For 10 years. 1. Hold hands: thickening steel pipe bending of egg-shaped welded together, in the back of a chair steel pipe for steel pipe by bending welded together, link beams using square steel tube, the overall steel surface after polishing treatment oil removal, rust removal, and cleaning, phosphating, electrostatic spraying processing. 2. MianRuan chair cushion: built-in steel and wood, high rebound sponge and high-quality XiPi nail. The thickness of the sponge around 5 cm, sit feels comfortable, sedentary and out of shape not easily. On the opposite side of the transfusion chair armrest west purse sea soft armrest. Generally equipped with a foot in front of the seat. Regulator with infusion rod, stainless steel back of a chair adopts gear, adjustable backrest can lie, Angle, lay down Angle can reach 150 degrees. 3. Each configuration: transfusion chair body + infusion rod + head.
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