Transfusion chair seating is how to make?

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
Infusion runs through simple manufacture process: 1. Welding: can be divided into gas welding, robustness and good stability and more applied to stationary solution. First used in the shear force, the load of the larger parts. 2. Riveting: first is used for folding solutions or not suitable for the welding parts, such as light metal materials. This method can be the first to disposal after the equipment parts in appearance, bring convenience to operation. 3. Screw connection: applied to the mounting type furniture, often choose come from a wide range of fasteners, and be sure to add the locking device. 4. Pin connection: pin also is a kind of universal connection, first used in force or stress smaller parts, positioning and help connect the effect. The diameter of the pin can be properly concluded that according to the use of parts and data. The orientation effect of pin is usually less than two; Since the number of pin coupling effect in order to ensure that goods and stability.
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