Waiting chair aluminum alloy material and plastic material

by:OUHE     2020-06-11
Although at present in most of the airport, station, Banks are using aluminum alloy waiting chair, but there are some places still very willing to choose plastic waiting chair, so what is the difference between aluminum alloy and plastic? The detailed introduction of aluminium alloy waiting chair: 1. Look through the crystal waiting chair manufacturer grain refinement and modification treatment; 2. Beam selection rectangle steel tube production, appearance by electrostatic powder spraying process; 3. Plate racks choose excellent cold rolling limit forming; 4. Choose 1 seat surface plate. 5 mm thick cold rolled steel sheet, appearance by electrostatic powder spraying process; Advantages: 1. Fine, strong and durable; With a strong resistance to rust and fire prevention function; 2. Europe and the United States and elegant and fashionable appearance, synchronous prevailed; 3. The shapes of fit ergonomics principle and structure design; Optional seat and back cushion. 4. Feet at the bottom of the frame is equipped with rubber MATS, prevent the ground from scratching. The detailed introduction of plastic waiting chair: material: on the market of plastic chair face waiting chair chooses import PP and PE plastic raw materials; Supporting feet as the metal material. Chair face production technology: choose import PP polyethylene high pressure extrusion molding; Supporting feet steel structure for electrostatic powder coating appearance; Advantages: 1. Portable design can according to need to be sensitive, arrangement and can choose double, three and four people; A variety of color selection, can undertake collocation according to the needs of the scene. 2. With appearance and structure of human body engineering principle design; Chair face new import PP plastic raw materials, with a shock, prevent aging, prevent the strengths such as fading;
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