Waiting chair and public space collision gives a unique surprise!

by:OUHE     2020-06-12
Each of us in the life all have different people, you are a delicate girl or elite men? Is the noisy life players, or thinkers used to be alone? Or at the same time there are a variety of properties of slash youth? Macao ShuJian waiting chair, with refined artistic present a younger, personalized sense of texture, easy for public space to create a unique temperament. Atmosphere design broke the traditional waiting chair in a single use of the space, at the same time, also can supplement by colors, mixing the feeling of a unique creative, rich in the level of the whole space, extends the space of open sense. A delicate girl & other; Delicate & throughout; Not only should be from head to foot, it should be from the inside out. An elegant and delicate public space, can in the intangible impact a temperament of the city. Macao ShuJian PU airport chair, with pink and tonal give priority to, with a hopeful spring as a design inspiration, presents the empty spirit and has the feeling of purity. Subtraction pink colour, delicate space properly interpreted. ( Guangzhou east station case diagram) Elite men's living space, of course, also want to unique taste. Macao ShuJian PU airport chair, use the mass-tone attune of the high gray, delicate texture, rendering poet rilke the poetry in general. Design language of calm and restraint, will be the essence of world art concise quietly, don't have a elegant taste. Arrived in a busy schedule, should be a place of joy and relaxation. ( Huanghua airport case diagram) “ Throughout life player &; The temperature of the living environment should not only have a life, also cannot too & other; Busy & throughout; 。 Macao ShuJian leather cushion airport chair to big red mountains and rivers to design a blueprint, overlooking the view present a rich texture and color. Macao ShuJian leather cushion airport chair on the natural vitality of artistic expression, player out for the life the love of life, bold, passionate, at the same time, with a soft blue attune, excessive enthusiasm, and reconcile the space to express a natural, relaxed, comfortable tonal. ( Dalian north station) No matter how the people in your life, always in Australia ShuJian seat here met a & other; Brief encounter & throughout; 。 Macao ShuJian seats, the beauty of the world to the front of you, with a kind of modern avant-garde design language interpretation of the distinct personality of public space.
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