Waiting chair will use real leather?

by:OUHE     2020-06-12
The waiting chair on market have chosen leather, XiPi manufacturing on the surface of the chair? A: in fact rarely waiting chair manufacturer can choose leather, XiPi as chair below, are choosing to use PU waiting chair. And XiPi, dermal most with the cinema chair, theater chair, etc. Judgment XiPi quality, the method of leather: high-quality XiPi: surface has softness, make more flexible more tension, with a layer of gauze, at the bottom of the bottom yarn closer, density, the better. High quality leather: with unique head layer cowhide natural texture, give you the most real tactile experience, with dozens of leather process, has the characteristics of tearing tension and make Zhang Liqiang, maintain the natural flexibility and elasticity of leather softness, air permeability performance is good, with full color, good light resistance, and easy to clean.
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