Waiting for the chair of the advantages and disadvantages of specific solutions

by:OUHE     2020-06-12
Waiting chair most with stainless steel waiting chair is given priority to, most used in airports, railway stations, hospitals, companies, stadiums, Banks and other public venues. Because others say it is stainless steel airport chair, airport chair. The advantages of stainless steel waiting chair usually can be summarized as follows: 1, stainless steel plate waiting chair, with 2. Lengzha steel plate after 0, derusting processing, electrostatic powder spraying. Effectively improve the quality of the appearance of the seat, increase the service life of the chair, to prevent corrosion and aging. Plate for natural metallic color and comfort. 2, armrest, tripod, bracket using aluminum alloy materials, large precision casting molds, die-casting molding directly after polishing, electrostatic powder spraying processing. 3, beams to choose 3 mm thick 50 mm * 50 mm steel pipe, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the wind and the rain and sunshine. Beautiful fashion, product superior quality, durable, never rust. Chair and armrest can increase or decrease according to the requirement of the customer, can be mounted to the skin. 4. Chair MianRuan pad using PU stereotypes cotton, high quality leather, etc. 5. Can supplement products such as tea table waiting chair drawback: waiting chair the shortcomings of the basic is no, unless you choose and buy some unknown waiting chair, airport chair manufacturer, they use the inferior steel, lead to chair is easy to rust. Then will be maintenance problems. Can appear sometimes screw loosening, dismantling, maintenance trouble, bad after-sales and slow, and irresponsible, and so on.
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