Waiting for the chair safety issues

by:OUHE     2020-06-12
See a news, September 1, 2016 in the afternoon, a young boy because naughty feet in taizhou city hospital on the first floor will be automatically take place in the aperture of waiting chair, who know unexpectedly cannot leave, emergency situation. Due to the relatively small cracks seats, fire officers and soldiers was careful use of hydraulic expander, slowly open gap, gap enlarged, fire officers and soldiers of his finger in to protect the boy legs, extract the boy legs and quickly. ( Sources: network) Cause the attention to the safety of the waiting chair. So waiting chair of two or more people who what's the distance between the plate and plate? In fact this is not the specific standard of each design, material, size is different, sometimes I have to design according to the layout of the site specific size. So if you want to know the specific spacing, it is best to contact the corresponding factory consultation: for example Australia ShuJian SJ9082, width is 545 mm, the size of a man who is 680 mm, each additional bits is 610 mm, if according to this calculation, so the middle rail gap is 65 mm, but according to the conventional to calculate 60 mm is common. The size of an iPhone 6 is 138. 1 x67x6。 9 mm, so the distance between the smaller than the width of the iPhone 6. So if not naughty children or adults have not good supervision, is rarely appears in children's leg. Like a lot of time is the news on the home window guards because children naughty head caught in the inside of a truth.
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