In our daily life, waiting chair can be contacted in airport, station,hospital and park. Usually, waiting chair is composed of chair (including backrest), beam, arm and leg. The common structure is connected by 1 to 5 positions. On the market, the most common is the three seat waiting chair,which is also very large in quantity and not easy to be moved or moved at will.According to the actual demand, the waiting chair can be placed in two ways: fixed and movable.

The back and seat of the waiting chair is usually made of metal, Pu plastic and other materials. The seat of the waiting chair shall be solid and durable, and it must be firmly connected with the crossbeam.

In order to avoid people damaging handrails in improper use or crowding, the arm and leg of the waiting chair is usually made of metal , aluminium , stainless steel and other materials.The armrest of the waiting chair must be strong and durable and it can bear a lot of power too.The foot is the ground support of the waiting chair, which is generally a metal frame structure. It is required to be firmly connected and able to bear relatively large weight. It must be able to firmly hold the ground and not be moved easily.

The crossbeam is the main connecting part of the whole row of seats, which must be solid and have large bearing capacity, most of which are made of metal materials.Almost all parts of the waiting chair (including: back and seat, arm and leg , tea table, etc.) should be fixed on the beam.

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