What are the advantages of leather auditorium seating?

by:OUHE     2020-06-15
Leather auditorium seating has four advantages: simple 1. Luxurious, beautiful and dignified: leather auditorium seats on the vision can give a person a kind of comfortable, luxurious, neat psychological feeling. Leather seats and improve the grade of preferred, leather is the continuation of rare blood. 2. To bear or endure dirty, health: flannelette seat shelter evil people and practices easily, adsorption dust, clean, clean up more difficult. Leather seats don't so, don't smoke absorption, permeability is good, just fell on the seat surface dust, not pile up in the depth of the seat and not easy to clean. Only with a slightly damp towel to wipe. If there is oil stains, etc in foam cleaner is wiped, cleaning is very easy. 3. Warm in winter and cool in summer, good heat: on a hot summer day, heat from the leather auditorium seats will only surface, dab a few times, heat quickly dissipated. Because good air permeability, even often time sitting on a chair, also won't feel hot. 4. Convenient: as long as it is to install the real high quality leather chair, under normal use, it can be used for many years, maintenance of good, or even a lifetime.
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