What are the characteristics of the airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-21
The characteristics of the airport chair: general airport chair is by the seats ( Including the back of a chair) Frame of a few parts, beams, armrest and feet. In most cases by several together as getting such a structure, single row can make it a double, three, four, five, generally not more than five people. Because the convenient transportation and field use. There are some occasions because of the need to can add tea table between the seats or handrails and accessories. Waiting chair according to the need to put on the spot, generally have a larger weight, not easy to move or move. Airport chair according to the material classification: aluminum alloy airport chairs, airport chairs, stainless steel iron airport chair, airport chair, review material and leather chair, wooden chair, etc. Back-to-back airport chair, airport chair according to the design categories: single a chair at the airport, an airport chair, airport chair armrest, without an airport chair, etc. Used in public places, such as: airports, ( The train station/bus station/terminal) Waiting areas, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, bank, ( Stock/shares) Exchange, hotels, hotels, offices, meeting rooms, entertainment venues, parks, churches, etc.
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