What are the people seating design requirements?

by:OUHE     2020-07-10
Many people getting to focus on the overall appearance and core architecture design. Core architecture mainly include: rail, tilt, base, armrest, stand feet, etc. This can be made by the designer in the design of the product and the sketch at the same time, from three angles, namely the curved surface and curve, datum. But we still recommend products to three, four, five people who give priority to play. If too many seats have drawbacks: 1, installation is convenient, because is too long, too, will have trouble to install 2, design to compare precision, better materials, otherwise there will be a fault in this way, if stubbornly manufacturer suggested that choose to have the strength of the following is the idea of people getting rich rendering, for reference only, not real, please contact the manufacturer to design customized if necessary
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