What are the requirements for the airport chair manufacturer production basic?

by:OUHE     2020-06-25
Airport chair manufacturer produces two basic requirements: 1, soft hard moderate, warm warm. Because is need the patience to wait at the airport, station, or have to rush about overworked, if sitting on a hard bench must experience is bad; Chair is too soft, of course, it is also possible for sitting discomfort degree aggravating uncomfortable; So the chair to soft hard moderate. Chair is overheating, ice to the person's body is bad, so the cushion of the chair can generally add or mat, can warm warm. Table 2, moderate, can put articles. People usually go to the airport, station most bags, so a chair seat is best not to a single number; But seat number too much, right installation requirements, position to improve; So the number of seats to moderate. And people can appear sometimes too tired, or to wait all night, if equipped with tea table, a chair under the condition of things such as paper towels, tea cups will greatly convenient people.
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