What are the technical airport seating chair legs?

by:OUHE     2020-06-27
Airport seating chair leg design technology: 1, material: aluminum alloy castings, the surfaces of the chair leg wear electrostatic epoxy powder coating. 2, structure: the shape of & other; People throughout the &; Glyph to ensure the best support stability, overall single bar and needless to bar type structure, joining together without any way; Attached to the bottom of the chair leg is not easy to scratch the surface of the antiskid rubber pad to prevent damage to the ground, can provide the height adjustment and ground level recovery system. 3, the installation of seats seating leg position does not affect the passenger traffic, consider convenient clean the ground at the same time. 4, tensile strength: 230 n/was. 5, the bending strength: 275 N/was.
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