What is luxury airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
On the Internet or some manufacturer will launch luxury airport chair series, so what is how luxury? Small make up think luxury airport chair, of course, is just a name, its essence is the material, design, weight is better than other series. Common on the market of luxury airport chair: 1. Full PU or full leather chair, sofa chair at the same time can also be called airport. Most choose aluminum alloy material. 2. Aluminum alloy airport chair, static bearing more than 350 kg per seat, the thickness of the beam 2. 5 mm, size precision, easy to install, welding without welding, welding and welding wear phenomenon. Welding point level off is smooth, no obvious AoTuGan, welding straight line, no leak welding. All iron using co2 gas shielded welding, pipe material and stamping parts, no cracks, no seam welding without dislocation, no scar, stamping parts, pipe bend without take off layer smooth.
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