What is polyurethane airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
Is the full name of polyurethane, polyurethane, chair, in the airport waiting chair called PU industry, is the main chain containing repeat carbamate groups of macromolecular compounds. Polyurethane is the carbamate can also contain ether ester on urea biuret urea based polyurethane introduced groups first. Polyurethane is by the organic diisocyanate or isocyanate and polyol dihydroxy or addition polymerization. Polyurethane material, the use is very wide, can substitute for rubber, plastic, nylon, etc. Polyurethane product features: 1, the row does not hurt, no noise. Long service life, reduce the cost. 2, resistant 3 ~ 20 degrees high temperature of 120 degrees below zero, polyurethane products pollution-free, non-toxic tasteless. PU is polyurethane abbreviation PU, PU has the following advantages: 1. Ozone resistance, aging resistance, resistance to mildew, good low temperature resistance, resistant to twists and turns; 2. Oil resistant: polyurethane elastomer is a kind of extremely high molecular compound, and nonpolar mineral oil affinity is small, almost no erosion in fuel oil and machine oil; 3. Radiation resistant performance: polyurethane high-energy radiation resistant performance is good, still under high radiation dose has a satisfactory performance; 4. Under the same hardness, higher than other elastomer carrying capacity; 5. But make it flame retardant materials; 6. Good flexibility, the characteristics of the tensile strength, also has the PVC without permeability; 7. Have good hydrolysis stability;
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