What is raw material for lobby seating in OUHE?
Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd's lobby seating is manufactured of superior materials using modern technology. The specific raw materials vary with projects. Raw material, as one of the important production materials in production process, is like the "blood" of our enterprise, which runs through all aspects of our procurement, production and sales. We exam raw material based on the international standards instead of the national rules, in order to keep the high rate of accepted products.

Since the establishment of OUHE, we have been committed to producing leather sofa. OUHE's main products include STUDENT CHAIR series. OUHE chinese display shelf is carefully manufactured. It adopts the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system for accuracy and PC-based controllers for flexibility. It is corrosion-resistant, thus ideal for being situated in a moist environment (humidity/rainy region). It is fully accepted by our company to send free samples first for Chinese shelf quality testing. It can be designed with functional value, for example, planters, lighting or USB chargers.

we aims to become one of the most influential high-end brand of BAR CHAIR. Please contact.
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