What is standard of the choice of waiting chair manufacturer?

by:OUHE     2020-06-12
Waiting chair manufacturer selection criteria: 1, brand: the strength of the brand is the word of mouth is power, when selecting a manufacturer should first pay attention to the influence of the brand. Good brand is rest assured shopping. 2, size: the size of the factory include: the scale of production, sales team, the r&d team and after-sales team, cover an area of an area, the information such as the production efficiency. 3, case: according to the waiting chair manufacturer, we must see the engineering case, the number of engineering cases, the large degree of the project, through the engineering cases can prove the strength of the manufacturers. 4, material: material to subdivide to product, each style has different material, we are going to determine whether the manufacturer chooses is high quality, is there any through a variety of third party testing institutions designated by the state for the product inspection certificate. 5, design: design whether meet your requirements. 6, the price is: the product price. 7, transport: have you select some good logistics company, the protection of products is well done. 8 and after-sale: each product must have after-sales problem, so see you are not satisfied with after-sale full. Above is for reference only, because everyone has their own way to choose.
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