What is the airport sofa chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-19
The airport sofa chair can be divided into two kinds: 1. Airport sofa chair is equal to the PU airport, or the airport chair with leather cushion, looks like the sofa. 2. The VIP section of the airport chair: really contains manufactured sponge sofa, can also be called a recreational sofa. Common material: PU airport chair armrest, feet and legs: high strength aluminum alloy die-casting molding. Backboard: high-density super soft PU cold setting foaming molding. Beam: diamond high frequency welded pipe. Coating: after rust prevention treatment electrostatic spraying, electroplating and polishing. Recreational sofa: according to the sofa of human body engineering design accord with human body curve, the supporting force, all parts are beautiful at the same time, more can effectively reduce the body fatigue, promote blood circulation, good health, make people fully realize the design consideration and care. Selects the latest materials, using the rich color, and over the years, we in the airport chair, sofa chair at the airport in the field of accumulated experience, make our products can adapt to all kinds of people live and work, make your VIP customers the most satisfied enjoyment. The airport sofa chair rendering:
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