What is the auditorium chair cushion sponge manufacturing process?

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
Foam is made of poly (amino formate, standing a moderate amount of foaming agent, into the closed mold caused by foaming agent, resin expansion, full of cavity, upon the reaction is the sponge. Auditorium chairs sponge manufacturing way: (material + foaming agent)> & rarr; Into the closed mold & rarr; Heating & rarr; Resin expansion & rarr; Foam molding, take out the higher the density of sponge, better elasticity and high density sponge good resilience, persistent pressure, not easy fatigue, its flexibility and body to close and comfortable fit, but good quality sponge foaming process at the same time risk is extremely high, so the cost is relatively higher, the auditorium chairs sponge price also can have differences.
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