What is the classroom seating?

by:OUHE     2020-06-29
Classroom seating is usually used in the university classroom, primary and secondary school auditorium, a large conference room, etc. Rarely appears in primary and secondary school classrooms. They usually make it even forms, most are structured classroom seating. Even row, rarely with a person who is more than four bits. Classroom seating common choose material: stainless steel, wood, plastic, etc. Common classroom seating configuration instructions: back of the chair: metal framework, the panel use multilayer rotary cutting wood fire prevention board surface pressure. Chair: high quality multilayer rotary cutting wood mold hot pressing molding and surface pressure of fire prevention board, plate, Angle code chooses penetration mode connection, board face with special stainless steel screw. Stand feet: aluminum alloy die-casting molding, spray on the surface processing. Reply: the gravity response mechanism. Common classroom seating size: the chair height: 870 mm; Back to the seat width: 565 mm; Before and after the distance of the back of the chair: 950 mm; Desk: the width of 300 mm; Seat height: 440 mm; Standing foot width: 234 mm; Classroom seating hd rendering:
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