What is the difference between hospital seating and airport seating?

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
The difference between the hospital seating and airport chair seating is in its use in public places are different. Hospital seating is to use in the hospital, airport seating is used at the airport. Their material, style, size is according to the actual situation of the customer choice, if choose with the product, so they are the same. We look at the following: this is the general staff of the general hospital of Beijing project: armrest, feet and legs: imported deep drawing steel moulds, electrostatic spraying after cleaning process. Plate: imported cold plate, derusting processing, electrostatic powder spraying. Beam: 1 a: 1. 2 mm, 2:1. 5 mm, 3 people: 1. 5 mm, 4:1. 8 mm, 5:1. 8毫米) Thick triangular steel tube, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the test of the wind, rain and sunshine. Size: one: 780 mm * 680 mm * 610 mm; Two people: 780 mm * 680 mm * 1180 mm; Three people: 780 mm * 680 mm * 1750 mm; Four people: 780 mm * 680 mm * 2310 mm; This is zhang call east Inner Mongolia Hohhot railway engineering drawing: in fact, the airport waiting hall, the bank waiting hall, the hospital waiting area, administrative service center, public security waiting hall all need people in public places such as queuing waiting chair can be placed hall called the hall waiting for the chair. More than the two groups of engineering drawing is done with Macao ShuJian SJ708LA waiting chair of the same type, when there is change their color, size and decoration, give you the feeling of change as well. So when the choose and buy according to you need material, style, size, color to choose you need.
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