What is the difference between the airport chair and public chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-24
Is the common difference between airport chair and public chair: one, the definition: the difference between a public chair, also can be called public seating, public seating, etc. , are all seats in public places. It contains the airport, station, hospital, bus stations, parks, cinemas, halls, gymnasium and other public places. The airport chair, in particular the seat of the airport. Second, the material difference: public seating material is varied: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, PU leather cushion, XiPi, wood, plastic, airport chair materials such as stone is commonly: stainless steel. Aluminum alloy, steel, PU leather cushion. Such as plastic, size difference between the above three: public seat because form is varied, have foreign designers design seats in public places is very special, so the size is also a variety of difficult to judge. The size of the airport chair: general is one, two, three, four, five, six people: reference size: a person who: 865 mm * 730 mm * 590 mm; Two people: 865 mm * 730 mm * 1180 mm; Three people: 865 mm * 730 mm * 1760 mm; Four people: 865 mm * 730 mm * 2330 mm;
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