What is the difference between the seating of the triangle beams and hexagonal bar?

by:OUHE     2020-07-01
Seating of the triangle beams and hexagonal bar difference: 1, appearance of different: one is triangle, is a kind of hexagonal. 2, the thickness of the different: hex pipe conventional thickness: 2. About 5 mm or so, the end face diameter of 80 mm. Can choose end face diameter of 100 mm or so hexagonal aluminum tube, aluminum tube thickness is 3. 0 mm or so. Triangle beam, transverse triangle size 82 mm * 82 mm * 82 mm triangular tube, the thickness of 4. 0 mm or so. ( Note: the specific data must be according to the actual measurement shall prevail, please contact the salesman, the above data are for reference only) 3, length: the length is according to your choice of style and seat number so different, also can appear the same length.
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