What's it like getting massage chair?

by:OUHE     2020-05-26
How is it that massage chair and seating? Make massage seating, so that we can in airports, railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. , but our common seating is relatively simple, is a steel frame structure. But if we make it like a family with massage chair in the airport is not very practical, and the cost is very big, take up the position of the is very big. This greatly reduced the airport seat usage. So we consider a kind of portable type massage cushion improved after adding in the usual PU seating. Leather cushion runs through it. Such experience effect certainly can't massage chair comfortable family, but we are at the airport, the station wait when we relax enough, by the way, can a massage. This massage chair is in the form of: USB sweep code to give money to start, according to the number of minutes massage, just share the massage chair. But if the airport, high-speed have VIP hall, can be installed directly massage chair. This is a good experience for VIP customers.
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