What's OUHE working time?
Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd employees start their work from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekday, and many of them usually work overtime for clients. Throughout the working time, each staff uses highly efficient time to work on serving clients with their professional skills. Our employees usually work overtime to try and solve the issues customers posed and also do their best to meet the needs of consumers at home and abroad.

OUHE is able to produce a large amount of waiting chair. OUHE's main products include airport chair series. During the production of OUHE tea table, it is strictly tested, including lifetime test, heat and power breakdown test, and mechanical damage test. Its size and type are customizable depending on the age of the users. As long as you show interest to purchase our hospital chair, our company can arrange samples for you. It can be designed for different purposes: green areas, parks, bus stations, etc.

our team is ambitious to be the most dominant airport chair supplier. Please contact us!
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