What's the feature of auditorium seating plan?

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
1, auditorium seating is based on the shape of the human body engineering principle and description of manufacturing, in order to keep the back of the chair, chair surface completely accord with human body curve, let a person sitting comfortable, contact is the fulfillment of the aesthetic, high-tech. Auditorium seating of the seat, back of a chair for cloth, steel skeleton layout and polyurethane foam as one chooses cold a molded curing skills, in order to ensure the material, metal frame, and polyurethane foam contacted closely, and make the back seat frequently use not deformation, not wrinkle, and dismantling bento, high rebound, not out of shape. 2, auditorium seating of the shell, the back shell is excellent for engineering polypropylene injection molding, with sound-absorbing planning, auditorium seating flip is for double torsional spring strength rebound and a noise reduction device, low noise, use life spans more than 100000 times. 3, auditorium seating surface of the metal after sandblasting derusting treatment of electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, surface brightness and beauty. Auditorium seats there are many types available for users to choose cloth, and flame retardant treatment, the target function can be arrived at the GB8624 - In 1997 building materials combustion function classification method of decorating fabric burning function for determining conditions B1 level needs.
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